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Foug'air's History

1992: Foug'air's creation and organization of the first Broussard fly-in in August - 5000 people at Levroux 36.

1993: Co-organisation of an airshow with the "Patrouille de France" - 25000 people.

1994: Broussard restoration, and Foug'air's first open-days - 6000 people at Chateauroux-Déols Airport.

1995: Participation to civilian and military airshows.

1996: Participation to different airwhows (5 with the "Patrouille de France") and Chateauroux-Déols's Airshow technical organisation.

1997: Participation to different airshows.

1998: Participation to different airshows.

1999: Participation to different airshows.

2000 Chateauroux-Déols's "meeting aérien du centenaire" airshow organisation. More than 50 planes were there, including a Mirage 2000 and the "Patrouille de France." Participation to different airshows and 75th Broussard demonstration.

2001: Participation to different airshows in Europe.

2002: Spain tour with the PA-19.

2003: Participation to different airshows, F-BOMM restoration, the fleet grows up with the arrival of the J-3 (F-BCPN)

2004:MH1521 Broussard F-GIBN restoration. Participation to different airshows (Orange, Lann Bihoué, Avord, Blois Fly-in, Chateauroux's airshow organisation) and trip to Roma with the Piper.

2005: Participation to different airshows (La ferté-alais, where the broussard took the Mirage 2000's team to Orly, Montluçon, Royan, Saint-Brévin, Couhé, Angers, Portugal Tour with the PA-19, Chateauroux's Open-days.). The fleet continues to grow with the arrival of the Bucker 131 from Albacete.

2006: Arrival of the Waco, partnership with Verspieren, and TV report on Foug'air. Participation to different airshows (Le Blanc, Roscoff, Ancenis Tours, Rochefort, La Ferté-Alais, Compiègne, Pau, Royan, Saint-Brévin, Guiscriff, Belvès, Vichy, Nîmes). Awards received by Gossbo and Fruxe at the Rochefort airshow, and by the whole team à Compiègne's open-days.

2007: Relocation to a new hangar, D-117 and a Stearman PT-13 (brought back from Canada) enter the fleet and Participation to different airshows (Bagnoles, Mont-de-Marsan, Ancenis, Mont de Marsan, Valencienne, Lille, Evreux, Luc-sur-mer, Villers-sur-mer, Couhé-verac, Valras).

2008: T-6 and Chipmunk enter the fleet, article about Foug'air in the national french aviation association magazine. Hosting of a fly-in. Participation to different airshows (Cognac, Tours, Dax, Royan, Angers, Avord, Biscarosse, etc...). Foug'air's hangar is given new doors, new windows, and a lounge is being settled inside the hangar.

2009: The lounge is almost finished, and a lot has been done inside the hangar (running hot water, electricity, thermal insulation, floor painting, etc...). Participation to different airshows and the historical Broussard fly-in in Pouilly. Chateauroux-Viller's Fly-in organisation. Major inspection of the Chipmunk, with a new paintscheme.

2010: A Yak-3, Cessna 140, a RA-14 and AK-1 join the fleet. L-19 Bird dog restoration. D117 and Chipmunk's first flights after it's major inspection. Participation to different airshows (Angers, Royan, Orléans, Cambrai, Dax, Gimonts) and Saint-Yan's RSA meeting. Chateauroux-Viller's fly-in organisation.

2011: Participation to different airshows: Rochefort and Le Bourget.

2012: A stampe and and a Stearman join the fleet. Participation to different airshows (Morlaix, Royan, Montluçon, Pierrelatte and Saint-Junien). Celebration of Foug'air's 20th anniversary with a fly-in during September 2012.
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